Payment of VAT refund

The Tax Authorities have announced that in the near future all VAT refunds will be made electronically via bank transfers and no longer will cheques be issued for such refunds.

Taxable persons who have either submitted a refund claim which is under examination or intend to do so must proceed with the completion and submission of form TΦ 1900 to the Tax Authorities, giving details of their bank account (IBAN account and SWIFT number).

The content of this circular is for information purposes only and is not tax or legal advice. Our team of specialists is ready to assist you in detail on all tax matters.

Latest News
The Cyprus Parliament has unanimously approved an amendment to the Income Tax Law which now allows an individual to be considered a tax resident in Cyprus provided that the individual does not stay in any other state for one or more periods which exceed 183 days in the tax year, the individual is not tax resident in any other state for the same tax year and the following conditions are met....
The Cyprus Parliament approved the amending Law 116 (I) 2017, which amends the basic existing Law 100 (I) 1997 for the protection of the Maternity, and it is in effect as from 1st August 2017.