Health Surveillance 2017

Regulations for Safety and Health at Work of 2017 (Health Surveillance).

The new regulations define the obligations of employers, examining doctors, as well as the obligations and the rights of employees.

Employers’ Obligations are summarized as follows:

1. Health Surveillance of Employees exposed to risks in their working environment
2. Obligation to sign a contract with an examining doctor, who will monitor the health of the employees
3. Facilitate the examining doctor in his monitoring duties
4. Take preventive and protective measures in the workplace
5. Provide information required to the Labour Inspector
6. Consultation with Employees
7. Informing the examining Doctor about the absences of the employees due to illness
8. Employment of employees who are holders of a valid medical certificate of suitability (depending on the position that each employee holds)
9. Covering the costs of monitoring the employees’ health

The Obligations of Examining Doctors are summarized as follows:

1. Medical examinations of the employees
2. Assessment of the employees’ health status, after being duly informed of the conditions and the working environment of the employees
3. Collaboration with the personal doctor of each employee
4. Assessing the suitability of employees for work
5. Inform the Labour Inspector regarding the results of the health surveillance of the employees
6. Keep relevant health records for each employee

Employees’ Obligations:

Collaboration with their employer, the examining doctor and any other person who will undertake the necessary examinations or the implementation of protective and preventive measures for the purposes of their Health Surveillance, as well as with the Labour Inspector

Employees’ Rights:

1. The right  to be duly informed by the examining doctor, without any financial burden, about the results of their medical examinations, the results of their health assessment and the results of their suitability assessment for their holding position at work or for other specific activities
2. Right to be informed about the preventive and protective measures required to be taken in their workplace
3. Right to obtain a copy of their medical examinations, upon request to the examining doctor
4. Right to receive advice from the examining doctor regarding any health problems they might have”

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